Music Forming the Soul

As a teenager, music was my escape. I would come home from school put on a record, (yes I’m that old) place the speakers approximately 18 inches apart facing each other, and then lie down so that my head was between the speakers. This way I could experience loud music without it bothering the rest of the family. (I now realize that headphones would have been better; however, that was too expensive and this did the trick.) One of the records that got played and replayed was Keith Green’s The Prodigal Son album. Keith Green’s continual call to reach the lost, mixed with his raw emotion spoke to young man in a way that no sermon possibly could. As I look back at those early years I realize how much these songs played in directing my life.

Music has that kind of power. This week as I have been listening to these albums (this time using headphones and delivered through Google Play) I’ve been brought back to those formational moments and although there are plenty of contemporary songs that say similar messages, these songs are the ones that shaped me.

A couple of lessons I’m reminded of:

  1. Be selective of the songs that you choose for worship. They influence the people that hear them.
  2. It is good to sing old songs at times. It reminds some of the more seasoned believers of their first love. The old songs are often the songs that formed their walk with God.
  3. Don’t stick to one genre. Introduce people to a variety of music styles.