4 Songs to Use for Communion

When the body of faith comes together to celebrate communion, there is often a need for music to reflect the deep significance of the service and provide a musical reflection as people participate in communion. Fortunately, the influence of the ancient-future network of worship leaders has spawned a resurgence sacramental spirituality among a wide swath … [Read more…]

GQ’s take on Hillsong Music

The music of Hillsong is a catalog of Selena Gomez-grade ballads, with melodies that all resemble one another, pleasingly, like spa music. They call to mind deeply sincere love songs, if it were appropriate to put phrases like my savior on that cursed tree and furious love laid waste to my sin and suffered violence … [Read more…]

Music Forming the Soul

As a teenager, music was my escape. I would come home from school put on a record, (yes I’m that old) place the speakers approximately 18 inches apart facing each other, and then lie down so that my head was between the speakers. This way I could experience loud music without it bothering the rest … [Read more…]

Descent – Song Review

On his latest album, Keening for the Dawn, Steve Bell has out-done himself in his ability to craft lyric and music into poetic beauty. Songs have such power to communicate theology in a way that penetrates deeper than the cerebral cortex into the very fiber of our being. One of the songs that has found … [Read more…]


I’ve been revisiting my collection of classical music lately. Most of it in preparation for a series of classes I’m teaching on the fine arts. What has struck me most profoundly about what makes older forms of music composition so compelling is the intended audience. Composers like Chopin, Mozart, Vivaldi, et al wrote to have … [Read more…]